• I'd like to make a change or addition to the Regno Standard, how can I do this?
    All changes to the Regno Standard are handled by the Working Group who govern and control variations to the Regno Standard.
    The Working Group are keen to develop the Regno Standard so that it satisfies a diverse range of data requirements; they are interested in any changes, additions or comments that you have regarding the Regno Standard.
    If you would like more details about the Regno Standard Working Group or would like to become involved, please contact us here.
  • Is it possible to get a PDF copy of the Regno Standard?
    Please contact us here to inquire about getting a pdf copy of the Regno Standard.
  • How is the Regno Standard licensed?
    The Regno Standard is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License to be used by any individual, group or organisation.
    For more details including the full licence please visit the Licence Section.
  • Who owns and maintains the Regno Standard?
    The Regno Standard is owned by the Working Group and currently maintained by Regno Software. who manage all releases of the Regno Standard, as well as storage and version control.
  • How is security implemented in the Regno Standard?
    The Regno Standard includes scope for Identity documents that are used to set granular document ownership and access rights. The Regno Software API implementation of the Regno Standard makes use this functionality for high level rights control, additional security is handled at the network storage and Cloud level.
  • Who is the target audience for the Regno Standard?
    The Regno Standard had been designed to be used by a diverse range of commerical and private organisations including Formula 1 and other Motorsport, event timing system providers, financial trading institutions and by pharmaceutical companies.

    If you are using the Regno Standard we'd love to hear about it, drop us an [email protected]

  • I’d like to use the Regno Standard, is there an API that I can use?
    The official API implementation of the Regno Standard is provided by Regno Software, and is available for download. Users, Groups or Organisations can also incorporate the Regno Standard into their existing API product suite.