Support - GitHub

The latest version of the official documentation can be found on this site, with full version control and a historical change log available on our public GitHub site.
GitHub Issues are preferred for discussion of the Regno Standard. When filing an issue, please put the text “Regno Standard Specification” in the title, preferably like this: “[Regno Standard Specification] …summary of comment…”.
All issues and comments are archived, and there is also a historical archive.

Support - Governance

The Regno Standard is governed by the Regno Standard Working Group. If you would like more details about the Regno Standard Working Group or would like to become involved, please contact the Working Group.

Support - Commercial

Commercial Support is provided by Regno Software, who provide the official API and Toolsets that implement the Regno Standard.
Regno Software also provides online tools and API's that help you integrate easier with the Regno Standard, as well as product support options. Please visit Regno Cloud or contact Regno Software directly for assistance in implementing the Regno API.

Support - Other

For all other support enquires, please contact us here.