The Regno Standard

The Regno Open Data Standard (hereon known as the Regno Standard) defines a single data format that can be written and read by all systems. Specifically, the Regno Standard defines the format of a fixed collection of performant JSON documents that are used to store data, configuration and meta information for any format or source of data.

Each of the documents that comprise the Regno Standard has been designed to be as lightweight as possible, containing only a small subset of the complete data set. The documents have also been designed to be fast and simple to index, ready for use in a document database environment.

When all the individual documents are combined and stored in a document database the true power of the Regno Standard can be harnessed; lightning fast data query and access supported by on demand compute and storage resource, allowing for the first time a truly single combined pool of data generated from a variety of sources.

Once data is stripped back and exists in an always ready pool, engineers and data scientists are free to create cross queries, generate data supersets, data mine, model and augment data and add it back to the data pool ready for analysis and visualisation. This is the Regno Standard vision.

Why an Open Data Standard ?

The Regno Standard has been designed from the ground up by Regno Software, to provide a standardised data format that eliminates many of the fragmented and proprietary data formats that currently exist. Without the Regno Standard the following will continue to grow unabated.

Ever Increasing Data Formats

There is an ever continuous increase in the type and amount of data generated, along with the format that it is stored in.

Different Data Types

Each new type and format of data further increases data isolation and the complexity required to cross query and aggregate data sets.

Restricted Data Access

Each proprietary data format implements its own level of data restriction, including locking users out of data that they have generated.

Data Exists Independently

For any given experiment, data is often generated in multiple formats by multiple devices, with the complete data picture never truly understood.

Multiple Tool Chains

Each proprietary data format often comes with its own tool chain, locking users and organisations into a data format simply due to the effort required to retool to suit the next proprietary format.

Incompatible with Big Data

Many data formats are of a historical origin and are unsuited to formats required for Big Data, making advancements in modelling difficult and expensive.

Regno Standard Features

Governed by a Working Group

With feedback and contributions from users and governed by a Technical Working Group, the Regno Standard continues to be shaped by those who use it.

Built on web technologies

Built on JSON and designed for existing Web Technologies.

All data together

All data in a single pool regardless of source, type or format. Search, extract, visualise and augment data quickly and easily.

Big Data Ready

Ready for use in any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. Document storage and compute resource can be dynamically scaled on demand.

Documented & Ready for Use

Comprehensive documentation backed by GitHub for support and revision control. Please visit our official github repo

Usage Restrictions & Licence

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License to be used by any individual, group or organisation.

Getting started

The Regno Standard defines a standard formatting of a collection of JSON text documents. The official API implementation of the Regno Standard can be obtained from Regno Software. Developers can use this documentation to assist in integrating the Regno Standard into their own existing API or product suite. Read the step-by-step guide:

  • Read the Documentation

    Read the Documentation for the Regno Standard by clicking the Documentation link in the side bar to get an overview of the structure and usage of the the Regno Standard.

  • Get support, raise feedback or issues

    If you find that you need additional information or if you find an issue with the Documentation, follow the Support link in the side bar. From here you can access the GitHub repository directly.

  • Implement the Regno Standard

    Implement the Regno Standard into your existing product or as a standalone API. The official commercial API for the Regno Standard is implemented by Regno Software. Follow the Implement link in the side bar for more details.