Definition - CANBusDefDoc

The CANBusDefinitionDoc document is a definition document that contains the properties for a CAN bus instance.

The CANBusDefinitionDoc document provides a container that hold associated CANBufferDefinitionDoc documents. These documents in turn hold CANMessageDefinitionDoc documents which in turn hold CANParamDefinitionDoc documents. Therefore, this document is the root CAN bus document allowing a complete tree like structure of a CAN bus to be stored in the Regno Standard.

The CANBusDefinitionDoc document does not contain a reference to the ConfigDoc document and therefore can be reused by multiple configurations and data sets.

Field Data Type Required Default Description
name String Yes - A free form string value to name the conversion.
globalMask String No - A free form string value of the global bit mask applied on this CAN bus.
linkSpeed String No - A Double value representing the link speed in hertz of this CAN bus.
cANBufferDefDocs CANBufferDefDoc[] No - An array of the associated CANBufferDefinitionDoc document.
Field Data Type Required Default Description